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Gregoire : the most handsome man to ever have walked the face of the earth. Is great with his hands ( and tongue ). Gregoire is not only sweet but hilarious aswell. Every man who is not Gregoire wakes up wishing he was him. He speaks 5 languages including the language of love. Be careful looking into Gregoires eyes because you might drown in them.
" Did you just see the street turn gold after that man walked through ? What a Gregoire " #moist
by anonymous ma goats September 18, 2016
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gregoire - used as a noun to describe an individual as having a large penis.

gregoireism - much like the use of the noun, gregoireism is used in context when discussing a large penis. the "ism" however allows the noun to be used in conversation as more of a condition or likeness.
ei. "i was watching this porno and that guy was such a gregoire"

ei. "today in the locker room the quarter back's towel fell and he seems to have a serious case of gregoireism"
by sock monkeh May 21, 2010
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pronounced (greg-whar) noun, verb, -goired

1. To be slightly behind in an election, and after one or several ballot recounts, pull ahead to win through suspicious means.

2. To utilize underhanded methods to secure a come-from-behind election victory.
Where did these extra ballots come from?! They're trying to pull a gregoire to win this recount!

He lost because they gregoired the election by intimidating a few fence-sitters into changing their votes.
by Christine Franken December 31, 2008
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A ghetto slang term for t-bagging. The art of placing an acquaintance's balls in one's mouth. Can also be used as a verb ie Gregoiring.
Man to his friend - "Gregoire Me!"
by Matt Bravo November 25, 2007
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Adjective- gregoire
Verb - gregoiring

The act of hogging a piece and/or bong during a smoking rotation.

Complete and utter disrespect for the puff puff pass rule

You bitch! stop gregoiring that bowl and pass it to the left.

That kid is an asshole and a gregoire.

by Vlad Smith March 09, 2009
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