The term for a woman who has a lower back tattoo. The theory is that a woman who rocks the lowerback tatt, she has been the the presence of at least 25 penises in her sexual lifetime. Hence the name, Quarter Back.

**Note - If said woman appears to be of loose moral fiber, the term Half Back can apply. Half Back = 50 dicks.
"Oh man... check that chick out... fierce Quarter Back!"
by El Capitan Zimmy August 25, 2006
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To have sex with your chick then walk away about 2 minutes in. Three hours later tackle her to the ground and carry on with the sexy times.
Mary: Where did you get them bruises from Sandra?
Sandra: Shaun gave me the quarter back sneak last night,
the little bastard.
Mary: The fucker! Adam did that the other day to me, got me whilst I was ironing and burnt me ricker on the iron!
by sean voyle October 16, 2007
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A game that combines beer pong and flip cup. You line up about 8 cups minimum on each long side of a beer pong table. You fill the first seven cups as if you were filling up a cup for beer pong and you fill the last cup all the way up with beer; leaving a bit of room at the top. (The last beer of each line should be on opposite sides of the table). You have two teams of two. One person on each team stands on either side of the table, lined up with his/her line of cups. These players will shoot a ping pong ball into each up starting with the one closest and ending with the full cup at the end of the line. The other teammate, as the ball sinks into each cup, will drink the beer and proceed to flip each cup as if he/she was playing flip cup. The shooter can only shoot for the next ball when his/her teammate flips the cup over successfully. When the last cup is left, the shooter must sink the last cup and chug the beer in the full cup. The first team to get rid of all the beer wins. A good fuckin time.
"Yo, I'm getting tired of beer pong. Let's play some Quarter-Back Challenge."
by JoeBU September 07, 2006
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Leaning so far off the toilet so as to require the use of one's arm as a supporting mechanism, usually on 2 fingers in a V shape as an american football player would, invariably leaving a snail trail on the inner front of the toilet
In order to avoid splash back from his deposit he adopted the quarter back position
by Crispin Whattley August 13, 2005
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