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1. To Greg
2. To present ones posterior in the manner of Dr. Greg Ones (Doctor of Geology)
3. Or, to rub ones nipples while engaging in conversation
4. To order a club sandwich in a restaurant which specializes in BBQ products
So the other day at the club, this girl was totally Greging to me.
by fullmetal March 31, 2012
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overdoing something to the point of making it unpleasant, such as overthinking or overanalyzing a conversation or over-preparing for events or social gatherings
A: Do you think she likes me?
B: Stop Greging out, man. She'll tell you if she does.

A: Are you ready for the party?
B: Yeah, I've been Greging out and I have an outfit picked out, I just need to find the perfect tie, like one with martini glasses on it
A: Whoa, man, relax, it's just a birthday party. It's not even your birthday.

A: Hey, cool party, man
B: Thanks, I spent all week making this playlist and hooking up my surround sound
A: Wow, you really greged out for this!
by yesimdatinggreg September 27, 2017
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