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when a man"goes down" on a a woman that he knows has a sexually transmitted disease, but she is so attractive and out of his league that it's worth the risk.
Check out John, he's going rouge on Cindy! He knows that bitch has crabs!
by Napolean Bonerparte October 03, 2011
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Book containing essays critical of Sarah Palin with a title very similar to her own biographical barf-fest 'Going Rogue.' Time will tell whether her idiot supporters know how to spell.
Billy Ray: Damn cousin that Sarah Palin is hot. I bet she could fix all these economic messes that socialist Obama made.

Cletus: Yeah I just shoplifted her new book 'Going Rouge.' I'm gonna read it when I learn how.
by To M Paine October 28, 2009
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1. When a hooker leaves her pimp to strike out on her own.
Cherry:" Didya hear Kiki's going rouge."

Blowehsa:"Oh no! Rico's gonna kill her!"
by stal1n1313 November 21, 2009
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