From scouseland;

-Someone who goes to something they weren't actually invited to
- Someone who butts into, or who is listening to a conversation
- Someone who tags along

Can be used as a noun or verb- "gegging in"

"Is it okay if I geg with you at that party tonight?"
"Tony was definately gegging into our connversation before"
"Jess is such a geg"
by shockhorrorbecky April 26, 2008
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Stands for 'good even game'. Often used ironically instead of GG by salty people who think the match wasn't fair.
(After getting destroyed in CSGO) 'geg'
by Obassssssssssss February 22, 2021
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Meaning to rudely interrupt/join in a conversation without being invited. Originates from Liverpool, England.
"Geg out, you geg-in."
"Do I smell geg-fried rice?"
by ChWuM February 15, 2005
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A person who joins a conversation, without invitation. Mostly used in Liverpool, England
Stop geggin'in will ya
by Fluffy Dave January 6, 2004
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Origin: Liverpool, England.

When a person buts into a conversation uninvited or follows a group without being asked they are a "geg". "Geg out!" is often used to tell someone to leave the conversation/group
Geg Out Damien!, Can You Smell Geg?
by Calday March 14, 2007
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For use in a situation where "that's hilarious" will simply not suffice. For example when one wacks ones balls in a toastie machine whilst blacked. GEG.
Wee girl, your a fackin geg.

O mummy look at that duck getting raped by a shark, that's a fuckin geg.

here my flatmate fell down the stairs today and snapped her spine - thats a fucking geg.


also see - anti-geg.

in german - HAFFEN UND GEGGAN.
by blockedhooerbeg January 18, 2011
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