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A drink made from Ketle One and Coke usually served over ice in a seasoned wine glass. Optionally garnished with a lime. If served with Diet Coke, it may be referred to as a Greggers Lite.
I'll have me another Greggers
by Snatchlick November 21, 2017
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nickname for the name Gregg. usually enjoys beating his meat. loves leafyishere. can be very offensive. likes to call people mommy/daddy. hates jacob sartorius but then again who doesn't. hates keemstar. hates rice gum now. plays xbox every day. enjoys watching spongebob squarepants. can be funny sometimes but can also be a dear-god-i-want-to-bash-my-head-against-a-rock-guy guy. probably a minecraft youtuber. TRIGGERED ALL THE TIME.
from the way that kid in my math class acts, he is probably a Greggers. greg leafyishere offensive
by sarahd52167 June 11, 2016
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