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Green Monster is the name given to a house that often throws parties, rages, kickbacks, pregames, raves etc. The house or series of houses is often found in a populous American city and/or college town. Often confused with a fraternity or frat house, a Green Monster is non-greek affiliated and usually throws better parties than the surrounding Greek community.
This party is sick! What frat is this?
This isn't a frat, this is Green Monster.
by collegekiddo November 06, 2010
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The best alcohol drink i have tasted to date....

Not cough syrup and mouthwash...ewww

Get a cooler...
(2) 2liter bottles of mt dew
(2) quarts (big can) of pinapple jucie
(8) packets of limon lime cool-aid
(1) 1/5 of everclear....

Mix well and enjoy... makes about 2 gallons
"I got drunk of green monster and shit green in my friends shoe...."
by Chris Gault January 19, 2006
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An round, dark green 80mg Oxycontin pill. Has an imprint of 'OC' on one side and '80' on the other. The highest milligram Oxycontin pill that is still manufactured today, as the 160mg Oxycontin has been discontinued.

Must be brand name Oxycontin and not a generic Oxycodone.

Generally causes feelings of euphoria, relaxation, numbness, itchiness, and a feeling of "I don't give a fuck about anything because I feel amazing".
"Hold the fuck on bro!..I have to wash the coating off this green monster so I can fix it and shoot it into my neck!"

"Dude I just got some green monsters that we can use as cut for our cheese heroin!"

"Shit, I'll hit you up tomorrow man, I'm gunna go fuck my girls brains out cause these green monsters let me fuck for days without busting a nut!"
by welitheskyonfire April 05, 2010
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The wall in the left field of Boston's Fenway Park. The wall is about 25 feet tall and robs many a batter of a homerun, hence the monster. The walls are primarily green at Fenway, hence the "green".

It is also the nickname of the lame new mascot for the Red Sox. Don't get me wrong, they are my favorite baseball team, but Wally the Green Monster mascot guy in a suit sucks.
Ex 1: "Trot Nixon blasted a 2-out opposite field dinger over the GREEN MONSTER to put the sox on top in the bottom of the eighth..."
Ex 2: "Kids these days are getting screwed out of cool mascots. I guess Wally the Green Monster is cooler than the MSU Sparty..."
by Reppin617 July 08, 2004
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The Green Monster is the famous/infamous wall in left field of Fenway Park, home of MLB team the Boston Red Sox (why they still can't spell SOCKS right after almost 100 year now is beyond me).

The Green Monster is appropriately named at 37 feet or 11 meters high with its coat of green paint. The wall can be a make-or-break for entire games and even seasons due to the funny way balls bounce off of it and how left fielders play the bounce. Sox left fielders from Carl Yastrzemski to present-day player Manny Ramirez have learned how to play balls off the Monster and have therefore converted some amazing plays.
The view from the seats on top of the Green Monster was amazing but the best part of all was all the balls that were hit up there during batting practice, by the end of it there's about a ball per person up there.
by Sid Barrett August 11, 2007
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In Marine Corps boot camp, this is the little book you are issued that has all of the required knowledge in it. You take it with you to class and study it every free moment you have.
Drill Instructor: Ok, How bout takin out your Green Monsters and studying NASTYS!!
by sfmc98 September 30, 2009
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