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Estella is certainly the best friend/girlfriend/sister on earth. She is an extremely friendly person who will cheer you up whenever you're upset. At first Estella might be a bit shy and nervous around you, but if you're confident around her, she'll look at you as if you're a friend and she will be the most special, rewarding and generous person. She loves giving hugs. Her laugh and smile is contagious. However sometimes Estella can be a bit jealous. She loves to comfort people and be around people. The only ways she gets upset is if she is rejected by friends, gets frustrated, injures herself and more. If you know an Estella, be sure to be her friend! Her values are ; generous, faithful, kind, courageous, brave, e.t.c.
"Who's your favourite best friend?"
by jessica.may1996 May 10, 2018
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The most amazing person I’ve ever met. She is GORGEOUS (despite her saying she isn’t). She enjoys the simple things in life, like texting her good morning. She may seem tough on the outside but she is the sweetest person ever. She is the best listener and truly does care about you once you get to know her. She is the best best friend you could ever have. She would make the best girlfriend but you should know that it would be good idea to take notes on what she likes and what she doesn’t. Devote your time to her, she is like a puzzle, but remember the closer and closer you get to solving that puzzle you will start to reveal this person that you wish you could’ve seen earlier. Estella is one you want to always be around and will keep you thinking about on the daily. Not to mention the great memories you’ll make with her.
I used to feel lost and see the world as gray and black but once I met Estella she made my world turn to color.
by kaylareese May 09, 2018
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Estella is a name for a girl, this special girl should be popular, dirty minded, smart, rich, e.t.c a chick that you shouldn't let go because you'll never find anyone as good as her. Popular but no one knows it yet until she hits puberty. People would think that she is a slut but in reality, they know she isn't. She would get a big booty and big boobs in the future so keep her tight. A little bitchy but fine enough!
Man, Estella is looking fine today..
by Brooke672 November 29, 2016
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A bit of a bitch, everyone calls her a slut but in the mind they know she actually isn't. She is a very genuine person who is great to be around, if you find an Estella keep her and don't let her go because you will never find another chick like her
by Daniel1996 November 26, 2012
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bogan, when you look at her its like a painful whip to the eyes. Shes married to nikki ansell, who is nothing but a babe :)
omg you know estella lives in berowra, what a bogan!
by nikki didnt do this :) July 03, 2009
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Basic, but really funny too. Nothing bad about her, but nothing too good to point out.
by LMS ANONYMOUS April 25, 2019
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