1) When someone 'deadens' or 'kills' an ongoing joke.

2) Can also be used to describe someone who frequently 'kills' jokes, creates awkward situations, and is just generally cringey. This person would then be known as a Graze.
1) *everyone is laughing at ongoing jokes and conversation, someone adds in an unfunny comment that stops everyone laughing* - "man, you just Grazed it."

2) "oh him? don't invite him, he's the biggest Graze"
by fillinuin April 29, 2011
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A low impact slap, which is often used as an alternative to a bitch slap. Used not to injure the other party; only to express friendliness or affection.
Rain: Justin bitch slapped me.
Person B: It's called a graze.
by justincn618 June 2, 2017
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To eat food in a grocery store, then not pay for it. Usually done while legitimately shopping at said store.
I was so hungry by the time I got to Stop & Shop, I ended up grazing a bit--I had an apple, some Fritos, and a chocolate milk.
by Tyler September 23, 2004
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To eat a lot of food without actually having a proper meal, usually in the context of picking at food that is readily available at a buffet.
"Okay, I'm off to the buffet to graze for a while"

"Has anyone seen Susan?"
"Last I saw she was grazing in the kitchen"

by PiemasterUK March 17, 2006
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Extremely mild act of flirtation. Consists of shifting around, and "accidentally" grazing them (a slight touch) but not actually shifting once again as to terminate contact.
OMG did you see that? They were totally grazing!
by buscape December 7, 2009
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v. To eat someone else's food at their house. It is often implied that the person grazing doesn't really know what they'll find to eat.
Person 1: "Want to see a movie tonight?"
Person 2: "But I'm fungry!"
Person 1: "It's cool, you can come over and graze."
by The Grammar Nazi January 11, 2002
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When both parties have their clothes on and you brush over his penis with a body part in a teasing manner.
by scarolinagirl July 26, 2008
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