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blow jobbiterpenisoral intercoursenoun. A person who insists on utilizing their teeth while performing oral sex on a man. someone who clenches onto your dick with their grill while sucking you like you're gonna get away! Please stop! Please please stop for the love of god!
Mike: Yo jack, why you walkin that way?

Jack: Dude, last night I hooked up with that chick, turns out she was a grater. I'm still pissing blood!!
by Mr. Bravo December 17, 2008
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A word for a woman who INSISTS on using teeth while giving head (why lord, why?!).
Guy A: "Look left..she's pretty hot"
Guy B: "Yeah but a"
Guy A: "Urgh! Fuck that!"
by Rory McMoose April 29, 2005
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