Word used by men to get off a boner. Used by Kyle in Kyle XY.
Dude I felt like such an idiot in math. I got a boner, so I had to scream "GRAPEFRUIT!" to get rid of it.
by JSimms April 30, 2009
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The grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree known for its sour to semi-sweet, somewhat bitter fruit.

Source From Wikipedia.

By The Way In The GIF For A Few Frames, A Appearance Of A Grapefruit Can Be Seen
My Family Loves Grapefruit.
via giphy
by Mekodellic June 20, 2018
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term used to describe a pair of big ass titties,
they look something like this ( . )( . )
damn, i'd like to suck those grapefruits
by screwster May 11, 2005
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the only fruit that might get your hand chopped off
"Get yo' ashy hands up off my grapefruit!!"
by knox April 17, 2005
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