Used by corporate management, this describes the process of extracting data from an information system in order to specify particular elements of a simplified process for cost effectiveness purposes.

The term "granulation" was first recorded in the region which we know now as Belgium, from the well renowned Professor of applied Business Strategy and Nuclear Science Wim Van Den Berghen Pruden to define the descriptive relationship between business and nuclear weapons in 1947.
This data is over-granulated.
is your mother granulating?
Granulation on demand.
by GranulationQueen May 06, 2011
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a unit of measuring the amount of C-4 in a particular area.
That looks to be 30 granules right there.
by Dye DM9 February 11, 2009
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A girl who loves to eat chewey granola bars during sexual intercourse. This is not a common disease.
That fucking granulate got granola stuck in my pubes last night.
by Sean Eads March 31, 2007
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Used to describe something that is a cut above the rest. A variation of the cockney terminology, "Different Gravy", as gravy made from granules is the norm e.g. "Bisto"
"Did you see the match last night?"
"Yeah mate, was No Granules"
by T-Bone Scotland July 24, 2014
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1. Being irritated or easily irritable.
2. Sand in the pussy.
3. "Sandy Cooch" or "Sandy Crotch"

Applies to males and females equally.
"Dude, WTF is Rob's problem?"
"His girl wrecked his car, now he has vaginal granulitis."

"Hey, I noticed Rob is over his vaginal granulitis."
"Yeah, Jane got the car fixed for him and it was like vagisil... Instant relief"
by bear shaver May 31, 2009
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When you put something like sand or sugar on a dick and have sex
by Pugqueen09 March 17, 2019
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Gusset Granules are designed to disperse the odour of haddock in a ladies love equipment.
My girl was sat on the sofa watching TV and every so often a haddock pong wafted in to my line of smell. I immediately put her in the bath and drove to the closest pharmacy selling the much needed Gusset Granules (for the fish in you!).
by WIGTIT March 06, 2011
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