A man of darker complexion.
by Coconut oils January 29, 2021
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Your average UK black man will not be out on road shottin' but doin' his job at a desk in an office, pickin' up his son from school, visiting his mother and just the kind of thing everybody and every other race will do in the right social community. In the wrong social community a black male could be dealin' just like a white man or an asian or a latino man could be dealing. US Stereotypes should stop applying here in main-stream media, two different countries, one learned how to move on and accept each others faults... i think i know which one it is. - EIB your 15 year old white male from a poor part of a city that is mixed.
"Today a black man was seen shooting a police officer" your average news report
What wasn't reported was the white man doin' the same thing. Media is the only difference.
by EIB April 24, 2006
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Black people or blacks is a racial, political, sociological or cultural classification of people. No people are literally black, but many people who have dark skin color are considered black. A variety of sociopolitical and biological factors are used to define categories of black people.

Some assert that only people of relatively recent African descent are black, while others argue that black may refer to individuals with dark skin color regardless of ethnic origin.

most black men have 15 inch cocks
jimmy pulls down his pants...
girlfriend: holy fuck! that looks like a cock from a black man
by joec20022 April 17, 2007
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KSI's commonly used name on Among Us
Callux (The Pussy Destroyer): KSI what are you gonna name yourself on Among Us?

KSI: Black Man...
by FlightReacts & Stephen Curry December 14, 2020
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A target of jealousy, mostly due to his being hung like a horse and the shaper or popular culture.
The typical black man is hung like Lex, can play basketball and is skilled at dancing, creating every kind of music and at architecture.

Pyramids? without the black man, they wouldn't exist.
by wrongnftw January 18, 2011
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a person who is black and can:
Play any sport perfectly, such as swim, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, running, baseball.. etc.
Has a large schlong.
Has big lips.
refers to his homies as "nigguh"-s"
by hahablackhaha April 7, 2011
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