Reffering to the gang mostly found/heard in Connecticut
Waddup gr8, Word to the gr8's, yank that shit gr8
by Waddup Kik May 5, 2019
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'Gr8' is just a short form of 'Great'. It is very useful if you are a lazy texter!
'That looks gr8!'
'Your in gr8 danger'
'Your doing such a gr8 job!'
by dogcrafter01 June 19, 2016
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The swagger way to say "Ya bro! Thats so dope yo! Lets go be great people at a museum
by olivetree96 January 26, 2017
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Geeky way of typing "great"!
Geek1: How's that w.i.n.e. emulator running in linux?
Geek2: Gr8 !
by Stefan G. September 28, 2005
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Often used in Hartford Connecticut. GR8 is a gang in CT often used by gang members of that gang.
YERO waddup GR8 you got font GR8?
by Jeffry dohmers uncle March 20, 2022
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