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In its simplest context; A player of the Magic: the Gathering community that engages in experience-ruining behaviour for other players.

The word originally derives its meaning from the card "Tarmagoyf" notoriously known for its high price and popularity in the modern format. Goyf implies an exaggerated competitive mindset to actually cough up large sums of money on a single card to win $40 playmats. In conjunction with shitting on other players regarding conflicting card choices. It is different from merely buying expensive cards for the sake of enjoying your hobby.

A Goyf therefore, possesses an negative attitude towards individuals or groups that don't conform to conventional meta ideologies.

The behaviour most notable in Goyfs' includes (but not limited to):
-Limited creative capacity in deck building. (aka: net-decking pro-tour decks, inability to "think outside the box")
-Being condescending / difficult at casual events, especially about rulings and towards newer players.
-Getting angry at what a Goyf perceives to be bad plays or losing matches. (excessive swearing, disrespecting other players, etc)
-Criticizing other players decks for card changes that don't match common net-decks.
-Overall shitty attitude towards anything remotely outside conventional ideas.

Other fun variations of the word Goyf can be used in conjunction with other words and phrases for added hilarity.
Eg: Goyf uck yourself, Goyflings, Goyfettes, Goyfachini Alfredo, Perogoyfs.
(Player plays Darksteel Citadel on turn 3 after a swamp and an island are in play... not knowing the combo because at the time Ensoul Artifact wasn't popular on netdeck websites)
Goyf: oh my god this control deck makes me want to cry, he's using Darksteel Citadel.

(A Goyf over hears a player conversation on a different table regarding rules.. the players are laughing between themselves)
Interrupting Goyf: I'm only going to tell you this once, its Untap, Upkeep, then Draw
Player: shut up its a casual pre-release event!

(a new player asks a Goyf to look at his home brew deck...)
Goyf: You're never going to make a good deck on your own, so just go onto and just copy a deck there.
Newbie: uhh ok?
Player: Don't listen to this Goyf. Explore your options with different cards, try different combos, come up with your own brew and have fun.

(Player casts Roast on a Goyfs' Hangarback Walker on turn 2, eliminating a serious threat before it gets out of hand; a very ideal play)
Goyf: Oh my god, you main decked Roast?? why would you do that?! Roast is a sideboard card!
by MTGProblems December 01, 2015
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