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Goyard is a French luggage manufacturer established in 1853 by François Goyard, located on the rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Goyard will monogram their luggage's canvas with the initials of its customers upon request, and produces special orders and custom pieces, made to order in Carcassonne, France. Goyard has retail stores in Paris, Beverly Hills, Boston, Hong Kong, Kyoto, London, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seoul and Tokyo.
"The Goyard so hard. Man, I'm Hugo's boss." - Kanye West
by Nemo1995 April 20, 2011
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The act of shooting ones man spunk all over the face of a female.
John: I brought this stupid slut home from the bars last night, and she sucked me off forever.
Mikey: Fucking awesome did you go yard?
John. Hell yeah I went yard. I blew my children all up in her nose.
by Ben Wickler October 05, 2007
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