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To delay at the last minute. Particularly if done repeatedly and in a discombobulating manner. If more than 15 minutes warning is given, see Delay.
Gox me once, shame on you. Gox me twice, shame on me. Gox me every day for a week... I'm calling the fucking cops
by threeribs June 25, 2011
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The complement of a cow.

Originated from the concept of DNA base pairing, where A pairs with T and C pairs with G. O and W seem to just logically pair up wiht O and X.

See also GoxNA.
We're off to see the Gox, the wonderful gox of oz.
by Gruu December 03, 2003
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When you push your penis into your foreskin, to pretend you are European.
"Yo, dude ... dude ... she totally believed my Gox last night."
by Debbie Dongalango July 12, 2019
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