There's more to the gothic subculture than most people think.
Being a 'goth' is wrongly interpreted because a lot of younger kids (in the range of, say 13 - 18) made the gothscene rather stereotypical.
If you would ask 20 random people what they think of if they hear "gothic", they'll probably say "black"/"piercings"/"morbid".
This is not true, actually, gothic was commercialized by bands like Marilyn Manson and Nightiwish.

In fact, gothrock has it's roots in new wave, wich was a reaction to punk in the late 80's.
But there's a lot of other music goths listen too, hence there are a lot of different "goths": cybergoths, punkgoths, victorian goths, wavegoths, gothrockers, or combinations of those.
All of these groups listen to different styles of music and dress differently:

Cybergoths: listen to electro(general name for industrial/neofolk/ebm/darkwave/etc.) and wear a lot of latex/pvc or neon colours. Usually they've got a lot of synthetic coloured hairpieces in their hair, but there are a lot of exceptions.

Punkgoths: are a combination of goths and punks, they usually listen to punk, punkrock and gothrock.

Victorian goths: these are the goths people 'know', they listen to gothicmetal and a bit of gothrock in general. But this can vary. Victorian goths wear a lot of velvet. Usually gowns, corsets and other clothes who could've come right out of the dark ages.

Wavegoths: this type of gothic has a lot of different names, were I live, they're called wavegoths, but I've heard other labels, so this may vary. Usually people who kind of "imitate" the newwavers of the late 80's. They wear lots of black and adore vintage, normally, but again, there are exceptions.

Gothrockers: is a part of the subculture who listens to gothrock. A lot of gothrockers claim that that's all they need to be goth. For them, the music is the most important, the looks don't matter all that much.

And at last, we've got the so-called "wannabe's"/"posers" or "spooky-kids": these are the people who - in my eyes - made the subculture stereotypical and commercial. But I'm old enough to not blame them, they're just kids who want to be someone.
Anyway, they wear a lots of black, lots of black makeup, listen to commercial gothic. A couple of examples: marilyn manson, slipknot and of course the more commercial gothrockbands.

But bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.

p.s: I am belgian, so excuse me if I wrote things wrong. My english isn't perfect. =)

Bear in mind that my definitons are stereotypical. There are thousands of goths out there who can't be labeled like this. Some cybers listen to newwave too, etc.
I hope I 've helped you with explaining the gothic subculture.
by _Ayla_ July 30, 2006
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Someone that doesn't follow the norm of society. A very artistic person that doesn't have to follow the stereotypes given by gay ass preps. They don't have to follow a certain "dress code" or religeon. They can be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or whatever.
1)I dress gothic every day and go to a Catholic church in my daily attire.
2)A Catholic school kid blessed himself when I walked by after school, LOL!!
by The Finkster October 10, 2005
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Goths tend to have a dark and perverse sense of humor, a love of history, literature, and music, and far too many bottles of black nail polish. But trying to slot goths into orderly little sections is pretty much impossible. The spectrum of interests, styles, and activities is far too broad. Sometimes the clothes can be a clue, but not always. Just look for that appreciation of darkness--that's the most reliable indicator.

The "classic" goth music scene and the industrial music scene, there are people on both sides who shun the other. Some goths who like the "classic" look of velvet and lace look down upon goths who prefer fishnet and leather. Some goths who like pop-culture entertainments and things that are lighthearted are ostracized by others who believe that nothing is worthwhile unless it is obscure and dark. Like any culture, it has divisions and cliques.

Being goth is, in the end, a form of tribalism, a way for people of like interests and mindset to find each other and have a place to belong. Like most tribes, goths will often try to keep out those who are not "of" the tribe (hence the pretentiousness and disdain for "poseurs"). But it can also be a wonderfully welcoming and comfortable place for those who do fit in, and full of patience and enthusiasm for people who are genuinely interested in finding out what we're about. Goths will try to keep out those who don't belong and those who are interested in exploiting us because we look different and have interests outside the mainstream; but we will also try to protect our own. For someone who doesn't feel that they really "fit in" with mainstream culture, discovering gothdom can be a wonderful feeling.

Of course, this is just the URBAN definition - we needn't forget the extinct Germanic tribe.

However, another note, there is no such thing as "goth" literature, or "goth" architecture, despite what many would lead you to believe. Please refer to gothic
"Goths are not really that terribly different from any other subculture. They just dress more imaginatively"
by Forsaken March 23, 2005
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are a very unique type of people who love and live the beautiful darker side of life
industrial goths, vampire goths, candy goths
by nicole may September 09, 2005
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A follower of the Gothic subculture. Goths almost always have an above-average IQ, if not well above-average. They are usually from middle-class to upper-class families.
Goths are often the target of much stereotypes. People believe (usually these people are pikey or scally) that they think often of death, suicide and are very pessimistic. This, however, is not true at all. Most goths are very artistic in many ways. They are very skilled at literature, poetry, art and music. They can also have an entire conversation without have to resort to the pathetic, common slang terms of today.
People believe goths are satan-worshippers, who praise satan and wish to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity after they die. But this is not true. Most goths are either Buddhist or Pagan. Both of these religions rule against: violence of any sort, eating of other beings and mass comsumption of any type of drug (tobacco, alcohol etc).
So now you'll realise what a goth really is. And you will treat them with respect and dignity
Go to a place where somebody can be peaceful. There you will find goths.
by Neo March 26, 2004
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ahh, the ever-popular definition on this site... I have to say, being a goth myself, this feels a bit weird, but I'm not going to describe myself or posers, or anything like that. My definition in itsself is neutral. It doesn't mean that I am neutral, but still. Ok, here goes...

Goth is a culture. despite what many people think, it is NOT a mindset, NOR is it a style.
It is mostly a very accepting culture, taking in those who don't fit in with everyone else and putting them in with people who will sympathize. Just like in any other culture, there are many variants, but it takes a certain WILL to be goth. If someone says that they are not goth, then they're NOT!!! There is also NO such thing as posers. But just calling yourself to be goth just to be cool under falsehood is damaging the culture's image as a whole, not that anybody in it cares, because we usually don't. But just because you call yourself goth and listen to a certain type of music doesn't make you a poser automatically. Goths can listen to any kind of music that they want. It's a culture of acceptance, internal expression, deepening, and also peace. They should not be made fun of, either. There are fat goths, skinny goths, suicidal goths, normal goths, stupid goths, inteligent goths, artistic goths, and many others just like in the rest of society. There is no one true definition for this urban word, because no two are exactly alike. There are certain groups sure, but some of them are definitly conformist, just like in any other group. Like the people who say that you have to wear something black all the time, listen to certain music, or hang out with other goths to be goths.

In the rural town that I live in, there is NOBODY else in my school that is goth. I'm not goth because I want to be different, but simply because I enjoy being under the VERY wide umbrella of this newly-formed culture because I feel that my ideas have a lot to do with it, and I also take a darker outlook on life. I also think that the music that I listen to and the clothes that I wear are absolutely more beautiful than any thing else that I could wear. I don't care if people tell me that I'm damaging society or make fun of me, because I'm coming as myself and not with a mask on. Figuratively, lol.
The goth culture is slowly infiltrating every corner of the world... BUAHAHAHA!!!!!!

don't worry, it's a silly thing...
by MasqueradeGoth December 09, 2008
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Ok,since this subject seems to be VERY controversal,I'll go through some things you may think and what you don't know,you see,I've actully MET some people who follow the Goth culture(labels suck)

Here we go...

1.Goths are suicidal
-Ok,let me begin by saying anyone can be suicidal,Goths,Preps,Jocks,Nerds,ANYONE.Just because someone dresses in black or listens to Rock music and stuff doesn't make them suicidal.
2.All goths are gay or lesbian
-Once again,this is a topic that anyone may be,not just these guys.
3.Goths are evil/worship satan
-This is what those damn Catholic Fanatics made everyone believe,ok,so they may seem dark or even...scary,but that doesn't make them satanic.Satanism is a RELIGION,not a trend.
4.All goths should die
-I am against the killing of anyone because of their likes/dislikes/looks/tastes.

Hopefully,this guide has given you insite that no matter how different people seem,we all are capable of the same shit.

But,here's one that may save you

If you don't like someone,leave them the fuck alone!Don't waste your life making their's hell because they don't look or act like you.
Oh my god,she's such a goth...
by 137 July 31, 2004
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