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A style of mohawk worn by goths and deathrockers. A good example would be Johnny Slut from the band Specimen.
The death-hawk is typically dyed black and backcombed/teased rather than combed straight up as in the punk mohawk.
Jonny Slut's deathhawk is angled. It is thicker in the back and angles inward as you get to his forehead.
by Zoggi June 06, 2006
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Death hawks are a branch off of the origonal mohawks, but with a few key differences. Most mohawks are gelled tight & upright, sticking up straight in the air. There are also libery spikes which have a cone base, whoch are also tightly gelled. The main distinguishing attribute of a death hawk is for it NOT to be gelled, but more often simply tousled up with hairspray, giving is a mre feathered, puffy look.

Death hawks, unline mohawks & liberty spikes, are more commonly associated with Gothic or Industrial music instead of Punk or Alternative.
"Woah man, look at that chick's mohawk!"
"You dumbshit, that's not a mohawk, that's a Death Hawk!"
"Whoops, my bad."
by JoEllellellelle June 02, 2009
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A death hawk is a modification of a mohawk, it is back combed and not spiked, giving it a more 80's, ratty look. It is also wider than the usual mohawk. Death hawks are sported by goths, more specifically, members of the Death rock scene. There are also side locks, that are small sections of hair left just above the ears. Simply put, Mohawks = punk Deathhawks = goth
That was Razor Candi, she's a death rock model... and it's a Death Hawk, not a Mohawk.
by Lestatrox March 26, 2011
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An archetypal haircut worn in the death rock scene, which is a modification of the mohawk. It is often very ratty looking, "spooky", teased, and usually complimented by spikes near the ears pointing down like sideburns.
Did you see that guy's Death Hawk at Drop Dead III last year?
by A Tree Walking April 12, 2006
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A Deathhawk is a variation of the Mohawk. The Deathhawk is usually wider, teased and is generally more messy looking than the Mohawk.

Generally worn by fans of music like Deathrock (a darker variation of punk), Goth, Post-Punk and Horror Punk.
The guy with the 45 Grave t-shirt has a sick deathhawk!
by Aaron Omen December 07, 2012
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A mowhawk for people that listen to death metal or gay nu-metal. We all know mowhawks are really meant for punks and every body else is ruining it for them.
Chrissy got a death hawk because her music taste is too brutal to call her hair style a mowhawk.
by death metal doll April 02, 2006
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