GORN, (N.) defined as a "woody" word from Monty Pythons Woody and Tinny skit.

This word is also told to bring confidence through its woody nature.
Gorn, GOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRNNN, a good woody word, it gives me confidenc
by Contable GOOOORRRRRn January 16, 2011
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Originally an alien race of large lizard people in the original Star Trek that raided the outer colonies untill Captain James T. Kirk shot one with diamonds and improvised gunpowder. They are now known as extremely anoying blog or YouTube commenters that aren't trolls but ignorant people who can't understand humor or irony and are quick to troll rate. Much like the Gorn that Captain James Kirk so righteously shot, the are unemotional reptiles that hiss.
JamesTiberius: Check out the video of this guy getting gorged by a Buffalo in Colorado after he cornored and tried to pet it.
G0rnHegemony: This is unacceptable, I am troll rating you!
JamesTiberius(-1): you are an f'ing Gorn!
by Hand Plucked King August 24, 2009
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A British version of “Go on”. Often used to support a family member and friend.
Guy 1: I’m finally going to message the girl I like.
Guy 2: Gorn lad! What’s the worst that can happen!
by Aveuss June 14, 2019
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A portmanteau for goblin porn, combining the GO from goblin and the ORN from porn.
Nate: Dude where were you today?
Kevin: I stayed up all night man.
Nate: Doing what?
Kevin: Jerking off to Gorn.
by Goblin 6000 March 4, 2022
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Somone who is a complete and utter twat, but still thinks and acts as though he/she is popular
"You're all Gorn and no modesty"
by Liz W February 29, 2008
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Gorn, also defined as Gore-porn is a term used widely although it is often referring to the Virtual-Reality Hack-and-Slash video game.
Person 1: Dude man I love gorn
Person 2: yeah man that game is so fun
by AntonBigPP November 16, 2020
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A random word that could mean whatever you want it to mean (see Politics) It can be a random outburst or exclamation or a response to a question. Say it. Go on. It will make you sound intelligent.
Joe: How are you doing?
Cooter: GORN!
Joe: Man! You're smart!!
by Darrion November 5, 2004
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