A generic idiotic blunder. Usually caused by the absence of intellegence and common sense.
The sinking feeling as you get the the Asda checkout and realise you don't have your card. Again. And you're completely sober. What A Gordon.
by WeaZaa October 11, 2011
When someone's in a discord call and says "b-" then leaves
They just pulled a Gordon
"oh hey what are you doing on the weekend"
"damn, he just pulled a Gordon"
by hey man whats up March 7, 2022
Twitter term. A unit of measurement for tesla stock. One #Gordon (or #classicGordon) is $17.40, a #newGordon is $40. Named after the famous ana... *cough cough* fortune teller @GordonJohnson19 who had a $87 price target pre-split and has upped that to $40.
$TSLA stock down more than 4 #Gordon or #classicGordon - down almost 2 #newGordon
That’s a harsh drop.
by ToxicTeslaFanboy January 12, 2021
You are a phenomenon if you are a Gordon. Always elusive and seemingly crazy, they can be both the greatest person in you life or the one who makes you want to hide in a hole. They are either a person you hate or love.
I miss you, Gordon!
by pekingcat=^'.w'^= June 2, 2016
The insatiable urge for self-gratification.
Man! I just looked at that fine young ladies titties and now I have a mean case of Gordonitis.
by pluoticus February 23, 2012
A great friend. Always trying to make you laugh. Makes you sad when hes sad. makes you happy when youre happy. He's like a drug you cant get enough of. you will never forget him no matter how much you try. You miss him right after you saw him. He makes the girls go crazy. Easy to fall in love with. A best friend. Someone you dont want out of your life. Really cute and athletic. smart. funny. and a sweetheart.
Did you see that guy at the party?

Yes, he was such a gordon

by sunflowersalways February 20, 2010
A word normally related to human naming gives power over those of law thus over-riding and creating laws within its society. Having a child named 'Gordon" automatically gives authority to the named.
I shall resort to the Gordon to pass this law
Gordon is the law maker here!!
by lawmaker123 March 26, 2012