Is very hot, loyal and sweet to his girlfriend or girl he wants to get closer with. He won’t judge you for anything and is a very good kisser. His dick looks very big especially his sweatpants. Very caring and STRONG has muscles and abs and veins popping out of his arms. You will never find a guy like gor he is hot loyal and humongous down there. He is everything combined.
“Did u see gor today”
“You mean the guy that had the big thing”
“Yeaaa the very hot one”
by October 17, 2020
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Short for Gorgeous. Could be used when riding in a car and yelling to random pedestrians.
Hey Gor, lookin good!
by cookiepussy April 9, 2007
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Gor is an intelligent and multi-talented person, Gors usually come across as very good looking and many girls find Gors highly attractive he can also come across as fuckable. He is known to be a great boyfriend and respects his girlfriend. You can always have a good laugh with him and he is very funny himself. A lot of guys look up to Gor for who he is and his amazing personality.
Person 1: look at that hot guy over there!

Person 2: He must be a Gor

Person 1: I wish I could have a boyfriend like Gor

Person 2: same
by urbandictionary123123123456789 November 27, 2017
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a strong musculer from, filipino, and having a huge dick
Gor is so freaking amazing with his muscular body and his huge dick
by PacificIslander April 27, 2010
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He is Russian-armenian and is a Gemini. He is very cute, sweet and will never take advantage of you. His love is special. He will protect you and will do anything for you. He will never lie to you and even if you guys break up he will still have a place for you in his heart. He is in love with this one girl but is to shy to admit it.
“Did you see that girl that was next to gor
“Yea she was very pretty”
“I know they would look so cute together”
by October 22, 2020
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1. A person incapable of restraining themselves from gobbling every male in a 2 mile radius.
2. A doctor
Wow Suzy really turned into a gor at the party.
by tehend June 22, 2011
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Another word for the word nigger, without people knowing what your talking about.
Yeah, he’s just a fucking Gor.
by BigYellowCarrot September 11, 2020
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