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The act of taking ones hand, making a limp wrist and downwards facing hand. The fingers making an up-and-down claw-like movement to provide a pleasureful sensation for a male partner. His genitalia will at first reject such provocation, but only after a few moments will it grow to appreciate the stimulation.
Damn, I hear that girl Naomi gives a mean gooseneck. My boy Andrew told me it only took 10 seconds for him to splatter all over her face.
by al;skdjf;lkasdjflk;ajs January 16, 2008
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You are all wrong. Gooseneck refers to the practice of a female giving a male oral pleasure, in the act of which her head bobs up and down in a manner similar to the neck of a goose as it walks. Closely related to head, dome, and other similar items.
Man, you see that girl over there with them DSLs? I'll bet she give HELLA gooseneck!
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 22, 2005
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The act of extending and shifting the neck back and forth to the rhythm of music.
Bob: Hey, why is that guitarist extending and shifting his neck like that?

Rob: Oh, you mean Allen? He expresses his inner gooseliness through means of the Goose Neck.

Bob: What?
by RoastBeastMakesForAGoodFeast February 05, 2012
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when a homie just straight up has a long neck dawg
Yo dude Riley Goodwin is such a goose neck

The only reason Josh is like 6'7" is cuz hes a goose neck
by RedF000 June 28, 2009
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To Goose Neck, Verb;

When you're penetrating a partner from behind, reach around and stick your index and middle finger deep inside their mouth in order to make them gag.

Gagging action is similar to that of the production of Fois Gras.

See also Badger Snare
I Goose Necked the missus so deep last night I almost fingered her lungs
by Fidel Pasta April 20, 2018
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Orginated from jamiro moon of the cleveland cavailers a shooters follow threw should look like a goose's neck. So after a shooter makes a 3 point shot he then puts his index finger and thumb togther making a goose as the Q in cleveland goes crazy...
what a perfect goosneck on that shoot.
I can gooseneck mo gotti
by June 12, 2010
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