You are all wrong. Gooseneck refers to the practice of a female giving a male oral pleasure, in the act of which her head bobs up and down in a manner similar to the neck of a goose as it walks. Closely related to head, dome, and other similar items.
Man, you see that girl over there with them DSLs? I'll bet she give HELLA gooseneck!
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 23, 2005
Orginated from jamiro moon of the cleveland cavailers a shooters follow threw should look like a goose's neck. So after a shooter makes a 3 point shot he then puts his index finger and thumb togther making a goose as the Q in cleveland goes crazy...
what a perfect goosneck on that shoot.
I can gooseneck mo gotti
by June 13, 2010
A penis that is crooked somewhere in the middle. Not naturally curved, but a definite snap.
God, that penis is a gooseneck!
Look at that guy's gooseneck!
by Will Zimerman June 10, 2004
1. to extend the neck in a quick vertical and horizontal motion in pursuit of getting a better visual perspective of a situation/object in question
2. a voyeuristic action
1. Why was the RA even goosenecking into my room? / The traffic was backed up because everyone was goosenecking at the accident.
2. He left his blinds open so I was able to gooseneck into his window all night.
by Gretchen Muller November 9, 2006
The act of taking a hand while sitting behind a girl and slipping it under her butt and curling it up to achieve a pleasureful sensation to a woman.
"Mmmm...Sam Tucker I love the way you gooseneck me." - hot girl
by Cameron Gena February 26, 2011
noun The failure to achieve full erection, despite full intention.

adj. to gooseneck: to abandon the act of "getting a hard-on" after instigating the act in which said hard on is key.
Due to his gooseneck, it was not the easiest penetration I've encountered./ The gooseneck is the condom's worst enemy./ I'm sorry darling. I have just goosenecked.
by Alpha Beta Cha Kappa September 17, 2010
The act of taking ones hand, making a limp wrist and downwards facing hand. The fingers making an up-and-down claw-like movement to provide a pleasureful sensation for a male partner. His genitalia will at first reject such provocation, but only after a few moments will it grow to appreciate the stimulation.
Damn, I hear that girl Naomi gives a mean gooseneck. My boy Andrew told me it only took 10 seconds for him to splatter all over her face.
by al;skdjf;lkasdjflk;ajs January 17, 2008