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Google + Apple = Goople. One day they're going to team up and take over the modern world. This is the prophecy.
Dude I just got a new GooplePhone 5. You should get's the shit. Just Goople it on your GoopleBook Pro. Oh and if you don't have the new GoopleChrome web browser, check that out too. It's the shit. I'll send you the download link, just check your GoopleMail later. Let's Hangout sometime on Goople+ too. Where you at anyways? Give me your address, I'll just GoopleMaps it. Dude and I got all these new songs on my GoopleTunes. Putting them on my GooplePod Pequeno right now. I put like 10,000 songs on that shit already. I fucking love Goople.
by Goople July 12, 2011
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To go to the bar with the intention of having sex with something that is both female and pushing towards the high end of the BMI scale.

See also: HOGGING
Damn dude, I just saw Mason at Dairy Queen with that chick he goopled last weekend.
by AIDSBurgerInParadise August 03, 2011
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to find one or interact with one on Google+ .

equivalent to 'to facebook someone' for facebook.

Chosen often over more salacious sounding terms such as 'g me up' and 'goo you up'.
man, let's goople people out of nowhere tonight
by themadgoopler July 14, 2011
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