One who is completely and miserably addicted to porn but embraces and loves it.
I watch porn all day, I think I'm becoming a gooner...
by Pornophile September 18, 2018
A person connected in any way with north London outfit Arsenal. Many campaigns have been fought for the name to be changed to 'London French' due to the team's large Gallic contingent. Their main rivals in London are Tottenham and Chelsea, although many Gooners hate Man Utd with equal venom.
I hate those Gooner scum.
by Dave Blyth July 15, 2005
Mostly famous for supporting the London club Arsenal Fc. Other known signs *hating spurs* *hating chelsea* *loving red* *know everything about arsenal* *either they're wengerin or wengerout*
Person 1: Do you think that person is a gooner?

Person 2: Well he wears red A LOT, screams we hate tottenham & coyg, holds a wengerout sign, no of course not why would you say that. *face palm*
by Gråzon April 24, 2017
North London Slang for sporting misfit, wearing cheap aftershave and talking in a bad french accent.
by Liam Brady February 5, 2003
Fans of that horrible north London team who will no doubt bitch and moan about everything but how much their team sucks when things don't go there way.
Uh oh Liverpool just kicked the shit out of Arsenal. Watch as those gooners whine about paid off refs for the next 4 weeks.
by Mike Chonks April 8, 2008
The name of someone who bullies those around themselves, yet has delusions of themselves being pleasent, or almost angelic like.

Also, can be described as someone with a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Elaine is such a Gooner
by Ann Onamys December 21, 2006