The cutest little ball of draconic sludge that will destroy all your rival's dreams.
Goomy is the only Pokemon anybody ever wanted.
"Hey man who's your favourite gen IV starter?"
"... but... but Goomy isn't a..."
"Goomy is whatever I say it is because Goomy is the best."
by I Am Goomy October 20, 2013
yo trey pulled up to the game last night with a goomie and the cops came last night. shit was crazy.
by slimeslattpat September 4, 2019
Jonny : you were trippin face last night.
Dan : yeah. Fuckin goomies did me in.
by The_Streets October 7, 2017
The correct spelling of the first half of goomi knocka
Ya fuckin' goomi knocka
Stop flappin' ya goomies ya fuckin' brrp brrp dumb cunt obviously
by Asian Sendologist May 6, 2019
A person who drinks in the river bed, usually seen with a box of cask.
Have a shower you smell like a "Goomie"
by Trina BonBon January 12, 2010