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Huge ass balls/ testicles

Insain Courage, especially when reckless and stupid

This was first used in 1700 century in ireland when Seamus Joly Gooley (the local gigolo) was forced to run out side one day without any pants. (This was because Seamus was just caught with 3 local police constables wives in an orgy), The shear size of his impressive massive testicles (Which may or may not have been blue from not finishng with the constables wives) that where displayed as he ran for his life has forever seared the name Gooley's in ireland and the world as a refrenes to some one with huge balls both physically and in reckless and stupid Courage.
fuck that man has a set of Gooleys

fuck i got hit in the Gooleys

ahhhh my Gooleys (when in pain in testicle region)
by Harle Quin February 03, 2010
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Hiney/Butt. Foul Odors. Can also be used as a term of endearment between family members. "Gool" is an appropriate abbreviation.
"Don't forget to wipe your gooley!" (mother potty-training her young child)

"Ugh, this bathroom smells like Grandma Goolies" (A specific stench one can only know if they've smelled the couch cushions right after their old italian grandmother gets up)

"Hi Gooley, how was your day?" (A normal term of endearment between 2 sisters, or a mother and a daughter)
by SicilianBiatch August 28, 2009
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The skin between a man's body and his testicles
Someone meant to kick him in the balls but caught his gooley
by maddy868 December 16, 2016
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