Used as a extremely sarcastic gesture of good try and even sometimes is hard to describe.
"I tryed to change the oil in my car but I didn't even get past draining the oil"
"Good fight."

"This morning, when I got out of bed, my blanket tangled around my foot and I got caught up in it and fell!"
"Good fight.!"
by Phillip R October 22, 2008
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When you ask your girlfirend to go to the New Moon Midnight showing and she says "Sorry i can't xD"
Wow poor Jake, he just got Good Fighted by her, he's totally going to be the third wheel!
by Igetpwnedallday November 1, 2009
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A phrase coined by Jonny Gomez, A commentator on MTV's old 'celebrity deathmatch' show
Nick Diamond: We really saw some ass kicking here!
Jonny Gomez: We sure did, Nick. So until next time, Good fight, good night.
by Jonny Jewsalot March 8, 2004
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One of Triumph's best songs. Mike Levine plays a keyboard that sounds like a flute in the beginning, followed by awesome drumming,an amazing guitar riff and solo. Amazing vocals make the verses and chorus pop out . The song is about living life to it's fullest, Rik Emmett, the guitarist and lead singer wrote this for his aunt who was fighting cancer.
Fight the good fight every moment, every minute every day, fight the good fight every moment it's your only way.
by 0120130140130122 June 20, 2019
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Something you say to an epic fail. You say it when something so fail happens to a person.
"Dude, I just got a virus!"
"Good fight, sir."
by Zipadedoobop May 17, 2010
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When you fight the good fight you work together with your team and have great sportsmanship to accomplish some of the most amazing things.
"The RPF really did fight the good fight at today's event"
"Yeah nobody could stop them"
by Taetaer December 31, 2018
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praise for an act of individuality or integrity, or subversion of the system.
I don't buy popcorn at the movie theater, I always smuggle in rice cakes instead!

Alright man, keep fighting the good fight!
by angelacia September 7, 2010
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