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Stands for Real Person Fiction. Fictional stories relating to the lives of the famous from movies, bands, etc.
A fictional story written about the interactions between LOTR cast members.
by Vaninyo March 04, 2005
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The Rebel Penguin Federation of Club Penguin, the largest army of CP to ever existed, allies with ETA and together they defeat the RDA (Red Dawn *coughs* rouge *coughs* Alliance). They have their own discord and website and merchandise, they also do events for practicing and sometime fun events. For more google RPF of CP to find out about us more
Me: RPF is better than Templars and EGCP
Friend: Templars is better
Me: They are gone lol
by Hexxer August 04, 2018
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Residual Positive Feeling. The feeling you have but don’t know the fuck why.
Bro 1 “ was at franks last week and I was straight fucked. Don’t know what happened after I hooped that 26er, great times! But Fuck carrots”

Bro 2 “my mans, how do you know it was a good time?!”

Bro 1 “RPF”

Bro 2 “RPF?? Role Play Fornication??”

Bro 1 “ Lmfao, Residual Positive Feeling my dude”

Bro 2 “ whoaaaaa, that’s dope, ima say that cuz it’s a thing now”
by React24 October 15, 2018
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Resting Pouty Face’, like RBF
Tyler: “Yo Hailey always looks hella upset and Pouty in her selfies
Richard: “yeah dude, she has maaaad RPF
via giphy
by Roy🌻 June 17, 2018
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