a sarchastic remark that can be used in response to anything said. Originated from Ross on friends.
"I hit him with my car"
"Umm Good One."
by kris mccarthy April 07, 2007
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A sarcastic way to critisise one's actions.

Variations: Shkood One, Shkood Woan, Abedy Shkood One, Abedy, Abedraf, Bruncus, Anthony Mather, Buradraft, Cruncus, Mucus etc...
My Dads Got A Ferrai

''Good One Mate''
by Ed Levick June 20, 2007
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The physical, mental, and emotional condition one achieves through prolonged periods (generally multiple consecutive days) of sleep deprivation, malnutrition, & dehydration while under the influence of methamphetamines. Symptoms vary among individual users. However, common effects are delirium, schizophrenia, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, irrational & compulsive dis-assembly of household appliances & devices, chronic back & neck misalignment, and ill-advised barter of personal possessions (not necessarily belonging to the one affected by the condition).
The scatter-brained tweaker was obviously on a good one as he carpet surfed his car & sifted through the vacuum bag for meth on day five.
by Llenar13 January 30, 2010
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1. Term used to congratulate someone for a funny joke. Comlemented with a fist pump. Can be repeated.

2. Used to make someone feel stupid. You say it, offer them a fist pump and when they go for it, give them a thumbs down. Stick your toungue out at them if you like.
1. Your friend just told you a funny joke, so you say "Good one, good one," and offer a fist pump.

2. A really annoying person says something he thinks is funny, so you say "Good one, good one," and offer a pump. When he goes for it, you give a thumbs down and say "Thbbbbttttt!!!" Now he feels like a dumbass. Nice...
by inTIMidator1234 February 03, 2007
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This is an extremely sarcastic response to someones lame joke or foolish comment.

It is over emphasized greatly to stress the point that the comment or humor they made was in fact "NOT, A GOOD ONE."

Often will annoy or hurt the person it is directed at, but that was the point in the first place! Sometimes it is followed by the persons name to further cut them down as in " good one hank!"
Harold: She was asking me to go out sometime, I wasn't sure what to say?

Gary: you should have said, " I can't go out because I am a reverse vampire and the night kills me"...

( pause with no laughter)

Harold: Good One!

Gary: Shut up, your jokes are lameburgers too..

Harold: wow, another good one!

Gary: you're a jerk
by Randoni April 05, 2009
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A way of saying "good one" without it coming out rude
When someone tells a funny joke you would say "That was a good one!."

Oppose to a crappy joke you would say rudely "Good one!"
by sum-xo January 10, 2010
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the same as on one but for a longer period of time. i.e. five or more days.
He would have outran the cops but he was on a good one and it finally caught up with him.
by brandon's wife May 21, 2004
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