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The act of having sex with another person in order to wish said person good fortune. usually done before exams, departures, or future confrontations with someone/something. Plus it rhymes. :)
Rndm Chick: Fuck, I'm totally gonna fail my driving exam tomorrow. Boyfriend: Well I think you'll do fine, but a good luck fuck couldn't hurt right? *5 Minutes Later* Rndm Chick: Im so failing....
by Xero _ Manifest December 29, 2010
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An act of sexual intercourse performed in anticipation of an important event to confer good luck on one or both participants.
Where'd he and she go?
She has her Dartmouth interview
Oh - a good luck fuck
by Cat=Poptart November 07, 2007
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Any sexual activity engaged in before a stressful event, such as an exam, performance, work obligation, etc. Often used to release tension, but really just an excuse to get laid.
Before her board exam, I sent her off with a good luck fuck.
by SecretlySexuallyTwisted December 29, 2010
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