The Good Life is an old British sitcom broadcast from 4 April 1975 to 10 June 1978, shown on BBC1. It was written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, who also wrote the sitcom Please Sir! which was shown on ITV.
"Let's watch some BBC1, The Good Life might be on"
by Ziyaadjam December 7, 2022
a electronic brand, full of tvs, remotes etc.
person 1: wow we have a lifes good tv
person 2: yeah its cool
person 3: shut the fuck up its great not cool
person 4: hey lets not have a fight here
by Popp Hunna May 12, 2021
A saying that a person will say if the conversation isn't going well, or if he/she doesn't have anything else to say because you left them having in the conversation.
"Yeah, that was fun."
"'s a good life."
by Pineapple apple pen June 1, 2017