the fun life consisted of drinking, smoking the most blunts, traveling, having a lean & muscular body with the best memory, staying fresh 2 def, makin the most money by any means, not givin a fuck about any dam thang (especially education, if u still young), bein da shit, and fuckin the most hoez
18 year old: ayo mayne, im livin the good life and enjoyin it every often!
his friend: well, what exactly do you call "the good life"?
18 year old: the fundamentals of enjoying life compound of drinking, smokin da most treez, fuckin da most bitchez, stayin fresh 2 def, you know, recreational gangsta activities.
his friend: you know what, we on da same boat, i might az well join ya, but ey everybody's doin it too!
18 year old: now daz wat im talkin bout and best of all we dont even got a solid education, WE HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS!!! REMEMBA, it cant be fundamental without FUN :)
so, without further ado, "WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE"!!!
by choppaz n ninez February 26, 2008
1. A final phrase used when you are departing paths from an individual that you will never see ever again in your life or theirs.

2. A casual and polite phrase used to express well-wishing for an individual's prospects and life in the period of time that you will not see them. Could be a day, could be a year, could be never again. There is no way to be sure.
Intern: I just finished my internship and wanted to thank you all for supporting me. I hope to be back next year :)

Co-worker: Thanks to you too! It was fun. Have a good life! Bye.
by KWoWWWW September 26, 2014
Say you got in to a fight and that persons says have a good life it means never ever talk to them again and fuck you
by billy frekan bob January 11, 2021

When everything is generally easy to someone, they are said to be Good at Life.
Person1: Yeah I have 4.3 GPA, 12 Olympic medals, and the chicks begging to be with me.

Person2: Holy Shit you are fucking Good at Life
by HAHA.thats.not.funny May 23, 2011
Is when you are successful and feel like the best and can do anything.
Wow I'm good at life.
Bro that's guy is good at life.
When you are successful
by Analhandeler March 16, 2016
Ride wife?
Life good.
Wife fight back.

Wife gone.
Think about wife...

'Ride Wife? Life Good' is a gorilla meme from YouTube
John: ''Hey Prudence, look at that gorilla''
Prudence: ''Oh Wow, it is magnificent..... Ride Wife?''
John: ''Life Good.''

Ride wife? Life good. Gorilla rides his wife
by Green primroses September 29, 2020
ride wife

life good
wife fight back
kill wife
wife gone
think about wife
by Nutmeister September 23, 2020