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a person who thinks that theyre funny or cool but really theyre just awkward and weird.
Derrick thinks its cool to make up his own gibberish, but really he is just a goob.
by chawlee December 13, 2010
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Enjoys eating and watching movies on a friday night. May only have one or two close friends. Silly in their own way. Not afraid to be themselves. Extroverted Introvert personality. If you are lucky enough to meet one, they are the coolest, dorkiest, funniest and most down to earth people you will ever meet.
Katherine and Christine are soul roommates. They are both the biggest goobs around!
by Bedpotato January 10, 2015
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one whose appearance makes them look like a douche and/or baby
"look at that guy wearing ed hardy" "god he's such a goob
by jufro235 November 08, 2010
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A goob is generally someone who is a pleasant person to be around and a genuinely good person. They have caring qualities that most people don't have but wish they could. Most people describe them as "incredible"
by goooooooooob July 28, 2014
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A Goob is mosher slang for a drink. These types of moshers are usually druggies and wear emo clothes.

A Goob can come in many varieties such as a Energy Goob meaning energy drink, Alcho Goob is a alcoholic drink. These can be interchangeable for different types of drink but just usually comes in the standard Goob form.
Mosher 1: “That was heavy ket that, anyone coming the shop”
Mosher 2: “Nah but can you get us a Goob”
Mosher 1: “only if I get saves on your biff
by Mr. Envious September 24, 2019
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