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Located just west of the land's of mordor Gondor the land founded by Isildur and Anarion was a dominion of men in middle-earth. It reached it's peak of power in the Year 1015 of the Third age and had an enormous kingdom spreading from the misty mountain's to Near Harad.Gondor was almsot destroyed at the Seige of minas tirith/Battlle of pelenor feild's in the war of the ring,The Rohhirim,Led by the king of Rohan Theoden charged the orc's seiging the city. Shortly after that Aragon (King elesaar),Legolas of Mirkwood,and Gimli son of gloin led the army of the dead to will the bettle.
1)The kingdom of Gondor
by Spartan4Gondor March 12, 2005

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