A combination of the words "gay" and "homo."

An exceptionally flamboyant homosexual.
Guy 1 - "Did you see the talk show that Richard Simmons was on?"
Guy 2 - "Yeah, I did. He's a huge gomo."
by frankskanatra October 19, 2009
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A cross between a goth and a emo
"who's that?"
"I don't know but there dressed a bit like a goth, im not sure maybe an emo"
"so a gomo then"
by gunit12 November 24, 2008
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Short for "Gomosexual". Means "Guido Homo".. or the gay version of what the male cast of Jersey Shore is when the camera's are not on them.

Any gay male that succumbs to the "Heterosexual Guido" style of thinking they're cool because their hair has more content than Snooki's vocabulary, wears excessively gay looking Armani Exchange clothing.

The evolution of the highly claimed and well studied New York City "Chelsea Queen".

Gomo's can be found in the surrounding United States, and any gay male that tries to model themselves after such.
Oh My GAWD Lance... did you see that raging Gomo that Bruce picked up last night?
by Jersey Moose June 19, 2010
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if someone is a gomo then they are so stupid that it is beyond belief.
look at him walking around

i know, he’s such a gomo
by Fluffy bum May 12, 2023
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Gomo, being part of a labeling. Half Goth, and Half Emo.
"Damn, Desiree, you're new hair style is Gomo!"
by Larinda April 7, 2006
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It means gomo. Gomo is gomo. You don’t know what it means?
-“You’re a shithead

-“Okay Gomo”
by diobrandoshitting July 14, 2019
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