Acronym for Going Out More Often to counter FOMO. A lifestyle choice.
1) I refuse to Netflix and Chill with you, Derrick! Our relationship needs to evolve. Admit it. We need to GOMO.
2) Check out these sweet concert tix I got on Eventbrite. Summer of GOMO, baby!
3) Fight FOMO with GOMO and Andrew Cuomo in slo-mo.
by handydandy416 June 14, 2016
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a mixture of being an emo and goth.
- a person having the same qualities of being whiny, tearful and dark and emotionless at times..

first term heard on onisions video how to cheer an emo kid..
prsn1: "people are always calling me emo and goth, goth and emo! im GOMO"

ME: what a whiny b*tch..
by *zombiekilla* June 29, 2010
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(verb). Anagram meaning "get(ting) our mack on;" making out (kissing passionately with tongue)
"Do you think the people next to us in the movie theater were annoyed that we were totally GOMO?"
by Joel Cathey May 23, 2007
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A homosexual who is also geeky, or into geeky things.
Wow he's such a "gomo".
by macboyx April 4, 2006
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A combination of the words "gay" and "homo."

An exceptionally flamboyant homosexual.
Guy 1 - "Did you see the talk show that Richard Simmons was on?"
Guy 2 - "Yeah, I did. He's a huge gomo."
by frankskanatra October 19, 2009
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a mix between gay and homo.
have u seen marcus
yeah hes a gomo
by fuckumarcus March 4, 2019
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