Mexican family known for their hard work, and being very proud.They put their family first, And love and care for others they take pride in their work.They honor the family name with dignity, respect, and pride.they are also very good looking and funny.
by Cupcake298668 December 31, 2014
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After a verticle 69, you powerbomb the girl into the ground, flip her off with both hands, yell "GOMEZ" in her face, and walk away.
I gomezed my girlfriend last night, she loved it.
by Crew March 20, 2005
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A person who seems to leak pheromones. His very presence draws both men and women to him dying to be his. Someone who isn't exactly great looking and is not exactly nice but for some reason evryone wants him... Everyone.
Person 1: Did you see that dude yesterday?
Person 2: Yeah, why is his hair so long?
Person 1: I know he seriously needs to cut it.
Person 2: He is such a Gomez. I think I'm gonna ask him out.
Person 1: No way, I am.

And then a catfight ensues.
by Your_Worst__Nightmare July 9, 2009
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Easily one of the most individual and fantastic bands ever. A person who disagrees with this statement is a goon. A band who's tours are fueled by thousands of bottles of beer, hundreds of bottles of Jack Daniels and literally pounds of marijuana.
We love beer! We love beer! We love Gomez!
by Ooble November 30, 2004
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after doing a vertical 69 with a girl you power-bomb her into the ground, give her the finger with both hands and yell "GOMEZ!"
by Stewart March 13, 2005
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To completely cut ties with someone in which no relationship past a sexually physical aspect will occur.
Guy A-"yeah man, everytime i bring up a possible relationship to her, she changes the subject by trying to have sex"
Guy B- "You need to give her THE GOMEZ, it'll never become a relationship"
by THUNDER_N_U_T_Z March 3, 2011
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A talented preformer on the male
genitel area.
yo that gomez sure is GOOD
oh sucki sucki NoW!!!
by j j mm January 2, 2004
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