9 definitions by Meik

1) A wagon often inhabited by various sluts.

2) A wagon that has "SLUT" written across it in burning letters on the side.
1) Bill: "Yeah Bob, i'm gonna go fuck everyone over at the Slut Wagon tonight."

Bob: "Dude, i've already been there."

2) "Holy shit, check out that Slut wagon on the other side of the road!"
by Meik April 4, 2003
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1) A term most commonly used for when people describe that they don't know, or have not done anything.

2) Probably the name of some guy somewhere, who i'd -really- like to meet.
Bob: "Bill, what do you know about egg products?"

Bill: "Heh, Jack shit, Bob."
by Meik April 2, 2003
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1) The first James Bond movie to star Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

2) Considered as one of the best video games on the Nintendo 64
"Best game on the N64? Goldeneye, man!"
by Meik April 2, 2003
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That white shit that the crew in the Matrix eat.
"Here 'ya go buddy, Breakfast of Champions."
by Meik April 2, 2003
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Dollar sign.

Two or more of these together can either be a short way to talk about money over the internet, and can also be used to describe something that is really cool/great/elite etc.
1) That will be $2.95, please.

2) Come on, give me some free $$$!

3) Dude, that is so fucking $$$.
by Meik April 2, 2003
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1) Female who spills coffee down your clothes.
".. What the fuck. You stupid fucking coffee bitch, go to hell."
by Meik May 6, 2003
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1) A juvenile (and British) term for someone who masturbates often.

2) A general derogatory term for someone who is disliked.

3) A delicious shortbread-based product filled with a white and sticky fluid which is being called "semen", produced by the Wank™ Corporation.
1) "Dude, you need to cut down on how much you masturbate, you fuckin' wank biscuit."

2) "Shut the hell up, wank biscuit."

3) "Wank Biscuits. Now with 50% more semen!"
by Meik April 2, 2003
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