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The 'Golden Rule' = it's not gay if it's in a 3-way.

This rule dates back to Ancient Greece. Legendary cynic, Tortuga, has argued it could possibly be gay if the 3-way consists of three males (zero females). According to early prophets, the gender of the participants plays no role in the gayness of a 3-way. Therefore, any form of a 3-way is never gay. The Golden Rule is valued by many as the most important rule in human history.
"OMG I made out with Eddy last night!"- Michael
"Well, was it in a 3-way?"- Paul
"Ya, so?" - Michael
"Then it's not gay bro, that's the Golden Rule" - Paul
by LarryGreen June 12, 2016
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Whatever happens isn't gay if it's part of a three way.
Bob and I were tag teaming Suzie last night. Just as I was about to nut, my dick slipped out of her cooch and landed in Bob's mouth. It was cool, it was part of a three way so the golden rule applies.
by Tony Rockyhara June 14, 2011
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Biblical proverb "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Ironically, it was originally called the Silver Rule; invented by Confuscious.

It's inherently flawed because it only works if the person wants to be treated exactly like you.
"The real Golden Rule should go something like "Do unto others as you they would do unto themselves." -Gamache
by desperryado October 03, 2005
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If two men are invited to have sex with the same woman at the same time, it isn't gay if it is in a three way.
She said, 'I know most guys won't freak together,' but she forgot about the golden rule.
by voiceinthesky May 23, 2011
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