Used to describe a superlative pair of female feet, with arches perfect for giving footjobs.
My dreams of getting a footjob from Kristiana's golden arches finally came true.
by Badman José November 14, 2018
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The woman lies on her back, you hold up her feet and begin thrusting your penis between the arches of her feet. When the timing feels right you lean back and urinate on her face.
I took Jessica out to breakfast after giving her the Golden Arches last night.
by Mr.Chute January 31, 2022
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A variation of the golden shower. Specifically, when two men pee on another person from opposite sides, tracing golden arches in the air. Also possible for 2 women to accomplish, with some preparation.
Hans and Fritz gave me ze golden arches last night, und I had to towel off afterwards.
by Pee Dubya September 5, 2006
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1. The global fast food chain that also has tremendous property holdings.
2. A pun on them - their fries when eaten in significant quantities make your shit turn gold - so your ass turns into the golden arches when they are on the way out
3. In sex - when two people urinate on one person
1. "I just smoked a huge joint, time to go to the Golden Arches"
2. "Man, after the bar I went to the Golden Arches and the next day I had to deal with the Golden Arches."
3. "..."
by Shekky O'Hare McBeeferson November 3, 2008
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When you and your homie lay down head to head and piss into each other mouths, thus creating the Golden Arches.
Man 1: Billy said him and is homie we’re doing Golden Arches last night, he’s almost able to swallow it all in one go.
Man 2: Pft, I’m able to swallow more than him, and he’s supposed to be the ‘big mouthed’ one.
by LittleDickTimothy September 9, 2019
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What your coronary arteries turn into after 30+ years of Mickey-D's.
Jack: Look at that fatso under the fake azaleas!
Jill: Yeah, he's really taken the Golden Arches to heart.
by squamouscell January 5, 2011
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The hugely popular, overrated fast food restaurant named McDonaldz where they insist on puttin' a 'Mc' in front of everyword spoken in every establishment.

Their big yellow 'M' is what this term referz to.
Customer: I'd like a coke please.
Staff: Thatz one McCoke.
Customer: Forget it ya McWanker, I'm off to Burger King...

(I know itz not a proper example but who givez a shit, this is funnier)
by Safecracker G November 21, 2004
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