Sick and tired of your lady love demanding too much bum love?

It's time to suggest that trips along the hershey highway take place exclusively on Wednesday nights!

Remember; up the bum = no babies!
Big Red: 'I want some backdoor action!'
Nitro: 'Again?, how bout we do it next Wednesday instead?'

Big Red: 'Don't fear the rear!'
Nitro: 'Ok, how bout I book it in for every Wednesday night?'

Big Red: 'Disco!'
by ismickisgood March 17, 2010
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When you go out any night of the week, drink more than you probably should have, but end up having a great time anyway.
AJ was Wednesday Nighted last night.
by Nova Boy June 03, 2007
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A girl who you wouldn't generally hang out with/ try to bang on the weekend but because its Wednesday you will make an exception
Person 1: This is party is full of girls that have a nice rack but only a decent face

Person 2: Yeah, its upsetting to go to a Saturday night party where there are only Wednesday night girls around
by VernonStreetFramingham October 06, 2010
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Code for Heroin,ie Brown.
An abrieviated code which heroin users use to inform their dealer of their request to purchase 'brown' without anyone else knowing, ie "(I'll) Be Round On Wednesday Night"....
by s66 December 28, 2007
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The act of having sex with a girl and cumming inside her vagina and then letting her drip it all over your face.
by The dewg June 16, 2010
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kelsey's wednesday night (n): hectic
Hey, how's kelsey's wednesday night?
by irvingstein May 04, 2016
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