to preform something with great haste and furious determination
by iliketogototown April 7, 2010
generic phrase indicating action(s) performed in a hardcore manner
"Boy howdy, Tom Cruise is just goin' to town on those ninja assassins."

"That kid can really go to town on a dance floor."

"He kissed her a few times, then they really went to town."
by Jon Turner November 23, 2005
An expression often used in Ye Olde England to denote the act of partaking in vigorous sexual acts or coitus with a bevvy of eager slappers.
Tony Blair: "My word ole chap, I say we go to town with these slappers!"
by poja August 12, 2004
(Fig.) to work hard or very effectively.
Look at all those ants working. Ants always go to town when it comes to work.

That kid will go to town on his studies. He'll definitely get an A
by Rimon January 12, 2011
your momma bent over to pick up some chitlin and I went to town on that ass.
by the phantom May 23, 2004
The act of vigorous sexual activity. When someone gets really horny they use the phrase "go to town". Same as he wanna get in your pants.
Her boyfriend told her "I want to put my face or dick between your breasts and go to town"
by GreatGf December 14, 2009
Using whatever means necessary to pleasure oneself
I was in the middle of some hot relations with my boyfriend and that mo fo said no mo. So I said you dang ripped me off. I'm going to town.
by Rocker J May 2, 2015