A beacon of knowledge to Quackity and TommyInnit the gremlin child
Tommy: Gogy, whats an STD
Gogy: A super technological device, like HIV, a hyper intelligent vehicle
Tommy: Thanks Gogy, you are my beacon of knowledge
by officialhowtosexbooks January 18, 2021
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Dream: I was on half a heart gogy
George: *insert giggles*
by Applesauces December 22, 2020
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gogy is georgenotfound, a short brittish minecraft player in the dream smp

did i mention i never understand his tiktoks? well yea, gogy is basicly a short and confusing minecraft player.
Me: Gogy is my phone wallpaper
Friend: Gogy is such a pog :)
by dexpzy February 23, 2021
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Tommyinnit: want some salad gogy?
Georgenotfound: *blurgh*
by PxrkBoy October 2, 2021
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A man who sleeps the literary everything important or just in general.

Also could be twitch streamer Georgenotfound 👁👁
Friend: "God, you're such a gogy."
by Sleeping_Styx June 4, 2021
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Basically gogy is almost like a compliment at this point, it means:
The most pretty person to ever exist (most of us can agree)
The most endearing person to exist(most of us can agree)
Dreams bf (most of us can agree, can dream himself tho? )
"hey you're such a gogy"
"Awww thank you!"

"Heyyy gogy" <3

"Dream stop" °\\\\\\\°
by Sunney August 6, 2021
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