Come froms Good and hard, girl who likes a bit of rough. Good natured, God-like perfection in everway. A Goddard's a hottie
Boy1 "See that chick over there, I hear shes a Goddard"
Boy2 "Yes well, I can see she has the looks"
by .G. June 13, 2007
God-like female, perfect in every way. Gorgeous
that girl's a Goddard
by luceG June 5, 2007
A small town west of Wichita, Kansas mostly made of schools. Named after American professor, physicist and inventor, Robert H. Goddard.
Oh yeah, I go to the new Eisenhower building in Goddard.
by bellamarta March 27, 2011
Goddard is the most epic character from the Scythe book series, and has the coolest method of gleaning. He is not power-hungry and deserves his position.
I saw Goddard glean someone today. It was so epic, he used a sword and decapitated them.
by Justanotherdarksoulsfan April 23, 2020
Derived from the famous Saint Kilda AFL player Brendon Goddard. This is a common nickname given to a filthy Ranga with a receding hairline.
Guy1: "Hey look at that... thing over there! What's it called?"

Guy2: "Oh, that's just Goddard. ROFL"
by ThirstyDog April 15, 2011
One of those mandem who loves a naughty maths session, tends to call a man darling in a slightly homosexual tone and stroke your leg when it's most uncomfortable. Natural habitat is a maths room in the ghettos of England, also known to love a frube now and then... strange
Yo that mandem's such a Goddard ain't he
by twh8 March 9, 2016