someone who has a god complex probably has massive chaotic, big dick energy, and probably has an insanely high pain tolerance. they live it up, they just fucking LIVE. They're also really impulsive. Like lets get tattoos and jump off buildings impulsive and its fucking sick.
"Dude I just fell 30 feet and didnt break a single bone, I'm fucking immortal! lets do it again"
"careful thats your god complex talking"
by calliejoseph May 26, 2020
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A person who has power or control over a certain aspect area such as a website or company, becomes arrogant, and may abuse his/her power. Also has nothing to do with stupid song lyrics.
Kevin has a God Complex. How controls this team, he might as well think he's God.
by Lenin_The_Penguin September 03, 2006
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A mindset where you think you are legendary and and godly at everything you do. Commonly found in people with bad hair and people that have a C as the first letter of their first name. And anyone with a N in the laster letter of their last name definitely has a god complex. If you have C as your first letter of your first name and N in the last letter of your last name then your god complex is deadly. Anyone with a deadly god complex will get beaten up many times for thinking they are so good. They are also infectious
That Charlie Pearson has a Deadly god complex.
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by LordShaggy666 June 29, 2019
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God complex is usually used for people who are arrogant and rude but it's also a kink. It when you like being called God while fucking
Ten: hey kun what do you like to be called when your fucking
Kun: first of all why do you ask me such questions secondly God
Yangyang: *behind the door whispering to hendery* holy shit kun has a God complex
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by Nct127nsfw January 01, 2020
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A person who think they are a God, acts like an untouchable being, and/or think everyone is below them.
Person 1:"Okay but name has such a big God complex."
Person 2: "Ugh, they are so anoying, they think they are all that."
by ytLime55 May 07, 2021
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A gun. Used to show an excess of power over any person.
I'll be a number one with a bullet / Loaded god complex, cock it and pull it. - Fall Out Boy, "Sugar, We're Going Down"

Pop! Pop! went my god complex. - Gym Class Heroes, "Everyday's Forecast"
by Bryan Burke January 11, 2006
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