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A town in southwest Michigan known for football, and coincidentally football players are worshiped as gods and given anything they want.

Also one of the areas in the state that has an extremely high STD rate.
Person 1: Gobles? Where is that?
Person 2: Uhm somewhere where they love football too much.
by Undercover Writer February 11, 2009
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someone who is very chill and easygoing. they don't take life to seriously, and have a lot of friends/companions.
1. dude, he's goble, we should hang with him again
2. man, i wish my girlfriend was as goble as yours
by donTheMan July 24, 2008
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the part of your ass, in between the beginning of the cleft of your asscheeks, that you can NEVER shave, no matter how hard you try
Damn, she missed that frisbee by a goblehair
by The Fantabulous Brinathan September 20, 2010
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Verb. 1) To write or recite scathing criticism of ones adversaries with no preparation or planning.

Usually in the form of lyrics, poetry, or commentary. Often refers to an individuals personal shortcomings.
1.) If Barstow does not stop annoying Celina with his noisy breathing she is going goble him until he cries.

2.) I gobled Celina in an email today but instead of getting upset like I had hoped she just lujaned.
by Crackysmokerton May 13, 2004
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A definition of a male human with smal genitals.
Man, that guy has no cock, he's such a goble!
by Gobblecock July 20, 2004
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The act in which a short statured man gives a blowjob and makes the sound of a turkey
Adam Gobled the other night and now has a sore throat.
by Suredaddy01 January 11, 2017
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To jerk off in the presence of friends whom you suspect to be asleep or otherwise oblivious to your wanking off.
After a good night of drinking with old friends, once everyone has passed out, brent pulled out his wang and gobled himself while his fallen buddies looked on in terror.
by fiddlestixblahblahbah January 01, 2010
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