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A website made years back, originally made for young adult girls as a parody website of the modeling industry. However it has been invaded by 12 year olds who think drawing eyeliner all over their face makes them interesting.

The days of the website being for the older audience have disappeared much like Neopets. What is now called the "Ban List", where you may add users whom you dislike, for not shopping at Abercrombie of course, and they can no longer message you. They can however make 80million forum posts begging for forgiveness. Was once called the "Bitch List" as evident in a 2006 news update.

They claim it to be a website for 'young audiences' now. Despite the fact the drawings in the HELP page are of two slutty anime girls. And the photograph on the page where you pick your Country of choice, is of three hoes.

People often complain about the Moderators, for good reason. Most of them are 40 year old soccer moms with vagina's drier then the Sahara Desert. So of course they will want to protect the 'innocent little girls' on the website from anything that can be found vaguely offensive.

Despite the fact nearly all of them have some kind of bible picture available for public viewing.

The users of the website are now typically 13 year olds who either affiliate themselves with "Abercrombie and Hollister" by bleaching their hair chicken yellow, and posting slutty pictures of themselves with their ass sticking out.

The other half typically refer to themselves as 'artistic' or 'emo'. Which means they draw stupid shapes with eye liner all over their pasty ass face, their pictures typically are taken with the camera visible in the mirror reflection because no one knows how to use a self timer anymore.

A select few have brains, and these people are generally over the age of 15. It is a rare find to get anyone under that age to have a decent conversation.

It is also noticeably easy to hack. Kids whining and complaining everyday about how some mean old hacker got into their account. Because they GAVE THEM their password. So, if you don't mind having your computer IP Banned and getting an account or two frozen it might be fun to hack the newbies/n00bs to freak them out. Like I said, it seems to be easy.

At any given moment there are at least 40 kids pretending to be:
-Hot Asian chick
-Hot famous chick
-Someone else they are not
Seeing as you can upload photographs(at a cost, you cheap bastards)kids often claim to be the girl in the photograph they have uploaded. Regardless of the fact the girl pictured looks about 4 years old then they claim to be, and is used by about 80million other girls. Is a famous person, or is a photograph from a website fashion picture.

You may often find yourself with messages along the lines of :
Which means you likely told someone they're taste in music sucks and are now going to burn in a pit of spikes and everlasting flames because one of the dried up soccer mom Moderators came to rescue.

If you have the brain power to open a door, it may amuse you to see the decline in public education.
Or you could get a brain tumor.

You:"Hey, this website is kinda fun"
Idiot Kid:"OMGHZ I AM AVRIL!!!!"
You:"..N-No your not.."
Idiot Kid:"REPORTED!!!!!!!"
You:"Gosupermodel sucks after all"
by Immortalbeloved0 May 09, 2008
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A website that I'm addicted to. But I hate it so much. I have been on it for like 3 years. All people fight about it other peoples opinions. There is a new wave of usernames like "Dead Black Rose, or EmoQueen, or Intoxicated Fiction". What the hell shut the fuck up. The mods, think their special just because they can put girls in timeouts and lock forums. Jesus christ no one likes you. The only reason you get like fifty thousand friend request a day is because people will think they will become popular. Admin is really slow and like doesn't do anything. The models are a whole bunch of little bitches who "don't reply to hate mail, or are 13 years young" wth get a life. The forums are a bunch of bullshit about ranting and cupcakes and ninjas. Ahh, but what can I say, I love it:<3
Gosupermodel forums-

Model99- I'm Bisexual
Moderator- *locked*
by lololololololhahahahaha June 22, 2010
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A fun, fun site where guys often go onto for their own amusement. There are some weird people and the 9 year old freaks get annoying, but there are nice people as well.
Also, some of the Moderators are terribly annoying, but you can get over them and their hunger for power.
"I'mma go on goSupermodel so I can...I DON'T KNOW!"
"Dude, Ryan is on goSupermodel?!"
by hotguyBAM. October 21, 2007
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GoSupermodel is an interesting place. You got your posers, your crappy role players, your good role players, your rich-and-beautiful girl posers, your celebrity posers, your complete bitches, your annoyingly goody-two-shoed, etc.
And then you have the actual people. One thing people don't get about the site is that there is a lot to look past before you meet the good part, he INSANELY good part. Sure, the MODs are annoying, the rules are stupid; but it's a surprisingly open and accepting community.
Some people are so stupid *ahemabovemeahemahem* that they take one look at something and decide that they don't like it. They decide that they don't want to like it, that they aren't going to like it, and they have such uneventful lives that the only other thing they do besides hating something is bashing it on the internet. And that's just sad.
GSM is not for everybody. Some people like a looser, larger environment when looking for a forum community. And that's fine.
But to each there own.
An average day at GoSupermodel:
"I'm Miley Cyrus!"
"My daddy is a millionaire!"
o.0 "You guys are douche bags; let's party!" :D
by The Secret GSM User August 22, 2008
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A great website for girls to meet new friends and play games. GoSupermodel strives to be a safe community for girls to come online and play. It has many things to do and is VERY fun!
"Hey, wanna play GoSupermodel?"

"Great idea!"
by Elitea September 03, 2007
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Gosupermodel is a website dedicated to posers and fights in my opinion. Everyday you see about 15 posts saying "OMG im soo Miley Cyrus" then about 700 other girls fighting saying "You arent Miley Cyrus because I AM!!" Posers run wild there everyday.

Its also invaded by many twelve year old girls who pretend to be Massie Block. They work so hard to become a supermodel and get a club then make it all about alphas. They make sure that only 5-6 members are in and they pretend to be the clique. That causes many fights and crushed egos.

Half of the problem would be the MODs. Most of them are cool but half of them are 40 year old mothers addicted to a website made for children and thats pretty pathetic. They say "Oh im here to make sure my daughter is safe." Well if you dont think she is safe then delete her model. Most mods are stuck up and lock most threads because they seem to be a tad bit off-topic or they state a models name in it so its considered a "Personal Attack." Most mods are consumed with their power and sometimes abuse it. Like putting kids in time out. Like thats going to teach them any lessons. Its not an online Mod's job to give a child a Time Out its their mothers job.

Gosupermodel is way to protective. Its got a language filter thats really gay. At one point you couldnt even say INDEX.
you cant say 'exactly' with out it being starred out. Its designed for children of the age of like eight. And most users are over eleven. its not right.

n00bs/newbies/labels. thats the most common phrase used in forums because someone talks using letters and numbers. Then they block the girl because she cant type properly.Then most girls draw attention to them selves by 'admitting' to cutting themselves and the fact that they are sooo emo its not even funny! it causes many fights and many timeouts. then once the guys log into the website it becomes judgemental central. "OMG A GUY CANT BE ON HERE" "YOU ARE JUST A PERV LOOKING FOR ONLINE DATING" maybe some guys have no lives. maybe they are gay. you dont know but it becomes soo judgmental.
Gosupermodel forum post:
user 1: Im Miley Cyrus.
user 2: u aint miley cyrus you *** i *** hate her nd sheez a *** and so on.
by ParisAshley1(: August 15, 2008
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A (somtimes boring) website that is known for having many "posers" or people who pretend to be others for their own enjoyment. Or because they are just stupid. These two are easily confused.
There are actually a few intelligent individuals (like the one writing this description) who go on there. Overall a pretty nice website, if you don't mind little children making posts every five seconds about how they are (insert celebrity name here).
(insert Disney star here)9024568:
OmG111!!1 im (insert celebrity name here)!!1111!!!11 i heart gOsuperModel11111!!1
(intelligent teenager): Shut up, idiot.
(insert Disney star here)9024568:
yIOu suht up1!1111!!
(intelligent teenager): -.- Whatever.
by lalala...Whatever. October 05, 2008
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