to act stupid, crazy, like you drunk or high.(going stupid)a dance in which you shake your dreds...
People at a party in East Oakland...Jerome, has his hair in dreds, hes Going Stupid by shaking his dreds...
by Pimptress December 17, 2003
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To go stupid is to dance in a sort of crazy way. While dance it common to see one jump, jerk, and shake their head. You can call it a sperratic dance meaning that none of the motion done in the danceare scripted.
In the Dubs we go hella stupid. PEANUT go so stupid, you probably think that nigger is retarded.
by Se aka THE BEST February 19, 2004
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To hit a point were all worries for what happens next are gone.
Chris is at the bar going stupid.
by Jremy March 12, 2016
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A phrase that is half sung/half spoken by the black kids on my high school's track team. After someone does something dumb, you are supposed to say "Go stupid" as if you were singing "Go stupid, it's yo' birthday"
by D-Block_NJ June 19, 2006
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Said when you are ready to go crazy and go stupid.
Guy1: I am feeling this party.
Guy2: Yeah, I might go Crazy, go Stupid.
Guy1: Guacamole, nigga penis
by Atkarts March 11, 2019
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To absolutely loose control of all bodily function. Once an individual has gone crazy gone stupid they are known to throw their head in every which direction and defecate in a 20 foot radius.
Mate 1: how are you doing man?
Mate 2: *proceeds to spray shit in every which direction whilst spinning on his boner like a fidget spinner.*
by thematteo318 April 10, 2019
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